Every once in awhile we have deer visit the Mega Mini Farm. Most of the time it is a doe and a fawn. I suspect that it is the same doe that visits and takes a nibble at whatever we happen to be growing. (more…)

August Blossoms

August has been the month of flowers for us. LeeAnn’s experiments with growing runner beans has been really successful. Even with the ‘too small’ grow bags we planted them in, they have done very well and are bursting with red blossoms. The hummingbirds love to sit in the vines and drink nectar all day. (more…)

July Harvest

July, Humboldt County at its best. Warm, but not too warm. Just enough of a breeze to keep you from cooking in the sun. The bees are busy moving from flower to flower and the hummingbirds are sipping nectar from the runner bean blossoms. (more…)